Giuseppe Arena - Captain


 Born in Sicily, diving and fishing have always been my greatest passions, as well as surfing and boating. After graduation from Nautical high school and the Italian Shipping Academy (Genova), I started my carrier on a cruise ship and have ever since gained 10 years of experience in the cruise industry, working my way up to 1st officer. I’ve been navigating every sea but “my" Sicily has kept calling me back, and so I have decided not to leave her anymore: so, here I am, that is my sea, that is my boat.

See you on board!    

Saida Colombo - Hostess


Born and raised in Sicily, graduated in Psychology, I decided to change course and follow my passions: swimming and the sea.
After the first experiences as a lifeguard, now during the winter I manage the municipal swimming pool of my town, thus following one of my main passion. In the summer instead I dive into this wonderful experience, working on the Dafra, because of the sun, sea, and guests to look after, makes me feel like home and I will make sure that the Dafra will become your home as well.

... don't forghet to relax and enjoy your holidays, see you on board ....